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Blog by Alan Seale, February 1, 2021, Intentional Living

I can’t say how it happens.
Yet the moment comes when
you know it’s time to 
take the next step,
to speak out your decision, 
to follow your inner wisdom into action. 

To someone else, it may look like a big step or small,
yet to you, it’s big. 
Maybe even the kind of 
step that happens only a few times 
in your life. 

I live my life by sensing each next step and 
taking it. 
Yet this time is different. 
Only a few times have I felt like this.
There is a gravity – a deep
that won’t let go of me
no matter how much I try to 
talk myself out of it.

It’s calm in its holding on, yet it’s
Not a growling kind of fierce – it’s a 
strong, steady, quiet fierce. 

When I give over to that 
fierce knowing
I become very still inside – 
scary comforting still. 

Strange to put those words together,
yet that’s how it feels.
Scary because there is 
no turning back. 
Comforting – even reassuring – because 
there is no turning back.

It sounds so dramatic, 
yet it doesn’t feel dramatic. 
It’s just what it is. 

Some part of me still wants the option to 
change my mind. 
Yet in my deeper knowing, 
I know that I won’t.

It’s time.
It’s time for the next step. 

The coronavirus has upended our lives in more ways than any of us could have ever imagined. Yet there is so much more than the virus. The world has broken open. Deep in our heart of hearts, most of us know that the world will never be the same again. That, in fact, we will probably never be the same again. That awareness has brought both unexpected gifts and enormous challenges, new opportunities and countless losses – all of it at the same time. 

Many of us have gone through transitions and even transformations during this last year. That certainly has been the case for me. I’ve experienced profound awakening, humbling gratitude, and deep loss – again, more than once, all at the same time.  

Perhaps you have your own version of profound, humbling, and deep. And perhaps you, too, find yourself in a major transition, or even transformation, whether by choice or by circumstance. 

Perhaps you, too, find yourself coming up to a “you-know-it’s-time” moment. It could even be that it’s now. How will you respond? Will you take the step?