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Blog Alan Seale, November 2, 2020,  Society, Culture, and Government

It’s election week in the United States. Our future is on the ballot. The choices that are made up and down the ballot at every level of government for our country are critical for where we go from here. A few weeks ago, Sitara Edward from Inspirited Politics invited me to be her first guest for a new podcast series that will launch later this month. She wanted to talk about Transformational Presence in politics – how our work could make a difference. Our conversation seems very fitting to share it with you this week. 

Sitara has been an active member of the Transformational Presence community since 2016. She has a big vision and commitment to making a difference in the political arena. She is a great asset to our community and a gift to all those who get to work with her. Sitara is committed to supporting politicians in expanding their awareness and understanding of the complexity of the many situations they deal with. She believes that as coaching, training, non-partisan dialogues, and intervision become mainstream in the political arena, the people involved can gain new tools and skills for navigating today’s volatile and uncertain world.

I loved recording this interview with Sitara because she asked deep and insightful questions that took us beyond the typical interview questions. My invitation to you as you listen to our 30-minute conversation is to consider how you might answer her questions. We can all make a difference. Sitara’s questions can help spark creative ideas and possibilities. Thank you, Sitara, for the chance to record this podcast together.  

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