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Blog Alan Seale, Jun 29, 2020 | Transformational Presence

To everything there is a season.
Yet what we are experiencing is
not the season we expected.

A few months ago, a different season
came upon us—
a season of breaking open,
a season of uncertainty,

a season of questions
with few answers;

a season that has brought both
hope and despair,
deep stillness as well as
profoundly unsettling unrest;

a season of loss—
of people and places,
of opportunities and income,
of anticipated celebrations and rites of passage;

a season of renewal—
of reconnecting to self and
to what matters most,
of reconnecting to home;

a season of cautious optimism that
things might really change this time,
and unspoken fear
that they won’t;

a season of cries for recognition that
we can no longer deny;

a longing within the heart of humanity
that will no longer remain silent.

All of it at the same time.
All of it, sometimes in equal measure.
All of it unapologetically demanding that
we stretch our psychic capacities for
taking it all in.

It’s a season of transition and transformation,
yet to what and how remains elusive.

And so here is our learning opportunity—
to stretch our capacities for

If we choose,
this can be a season for
listening, sensing, intuiting—

a season for learning how to
tap into the Wisdom that lies
deep within the heart of being,
deep within our circumstances and situations,
deep within our connections to one another.

If we choose,
this can be a season of

a season of choosing to be
fully present
with whatever is happening,
and letting Wisdom guide us.

Presence—who you are and
what you bring to the moment—
how you choose to show up
in the face of what is happening.

It’s about who you are being.

To be is a verb.
A verb is an action word.

To be fully present
and to be aware of the
presence that is being asked of you,
and to respond to the moment
with that presence—

that is enlightened action.

When you are fully aligned with the moment
and showing up in the fullness of
what it asks of you,
you will know the next step to take.

And that is what is yours to do—
to take that step,
whatever it may be.

And so this can be a season of action—
not “just do something” action, but rather
action that comes from presence.

Action that comes from
listening, sensing, feeling,
and responding
to what is being asked of us
that goes beyond ourselves.

A mantra guides us in
Transformational Presence:

Stand tall.
Be Love.
Shine Your Light.
Listen and Respond.

This can be a season for standing tall
in the fullness of who you are
and what you bring to the world.

This can be a season of being
the Love that you are.

This can be a season of shining your
pure and authentic Light
so that others might also
know theirs.

This can be a season of
listening and responding
to what these rapidly changing times
are asking of us for the
good of all.

We are in a season of
enormous challenges and
extraordinary opportunities.

May this be for you
a season of saying Yes
to the invitations ever present.

May this be your season
to take your next steps into
the fullness of who you are.

And may this be our season
to take our next steps into
who we can be together.