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Planting Seeds for a Post-Pandemic World by How We Live Today – Recording of Global Connection Call #4

Blog Alan Seale, Apr 11, 2020 | Making a Difference

The seeds of our future are planted in our present. How we choose to be with what is happening right now in our world—our presence, our choices, and our actions—is planting seeds for a post-pandemic world.

During a recent conversation, a member of our community shared with me that while confined to her home during this coronavirus time, she was having difficulty looking beyond today. Creating a vision for her future seemed impossible. She said, “All I can do right now is stay close to myself and take care of my garden. I need to go deeper within and find all of what this time means for me. There are deeper parts of myself that I don’t even know yet that are calling out to me. Taking care of my spring garden as it comes to life after the winter helps me do that. It is all confusing at times, yet somehow also peaceful.”

We spoke about the Principle of Correspondence: “As above, so below; as below, so above.” Or, “As within, also without; and as without, also within.” We talked about how our every thought and action ripples out to contribute to the mass consciousness of our present and future.

In that moment, her perspective began to shift. She started to realize that by tending her garden, she could also give energy to tending the world’s garden. That as each of us tends our own garden, so to speak, more and more energy of care and nurture ripples out into the garden of the world. And for every person that goes deeper to touch parts of themselves that are longing for attention and expression, that energy also ripples out into the world. In this way, we not only tend the world garden—we tend the world soul.

In the fourth webinar on April 8th, we focused on the journey from Love to Vision. If you click on the link below, you can join that webinar just a few moments into the session.

In recent weeks, I have also written and spoken about the importance of meaning in our lives. Part of what brings meaning is having a sense that who you are and what you do matters. Meaning is the one thing that the soul cannot live without. Having a vision for your present and future and living into that vision brings meaning to your life.

What is the post-pandemic world you hope to live in? What seeds for that world can you plant by how you are living your life today, even when confined to your home space?