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Apr 6, 2020 | Staying Centered and Grounded

Many of us tend to look for safety and security outside of ourselves. We rely on particular people or conditions to help us feel safe. We never imagined that life in our families, communities, countries, and even our world, could change so drastically in such a short time. The current global pandemic has taken away many of the outer “conditions” we have relied upon for our inner sense of security and trust. It is now up to us – finding safety within.

In this 32-minute interactive video, I have created a mini workshop on the energetics of fear—what happens in the human energy system when fear takes over—and how, with some practice, you can become centered and grounded in your personal power and strength.

Our human energy technology is perfectly designed for clear presence, response, and action in any kind of circumstance. However, when fear takes over, too often our initial response is literally to lift out of the body, energetically speaking, in order to avoid whatever is making us afraid. When that happens, we lose the working connection with our human energy technology, and our fear response becomes even more intense.

Navigating the current global pandemic is less challenging when we are connected with the power and energetic technology within us. This technology is always available to us, yet we can only access it when we remain centered and grounded in the physical reality of what is happening right here, right now.

Enjoy the video workshop.