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Blog Alan Seale, Mar 20, 2020 | Transformational Presence

As more and more people are restricted to their homes, country borders are closed, shops and schools and non-essential services have shut down, daily life has changed dramatically in just a few short weeks. With this global pandemic, the Great Breaking Open has catapulted to an entirely new intensity. The whole world has been swept into the tumult, and we’re all faced with finding resilience within ourselves.

At the same time, as of today, springtime has officially arrived in the Northern Hemisphere. Chilean poet and diplomat Pablo Neruda wrote:

You can cut all the flowers
but you cannot keep spring from coming.

Although it may seem that the ground is shifting under our feet and the world as we have known it will never be the same again, the cycle of seasons reminds us that Life is bigger than a global pandemic. We—the human family—are bigger than a global pandemic.

It may feel, metaphorically speaking, that all of our flowers have been cut. Yet springtime is coming anyway. And more flowers will bloom. And as some flowers fade, others will blossom. And so it will continue through the summer. Nature is resilient. The earth always finds her way, sometimes in spite of us.

And so will we find our way, even during a crisis. In this moment, our job is to get quiet enough inside to hear the guidance and new direction that Life is trying to show us.

The human spirit is incredibly resilient. In this five-minute video, we touch the resilience of the human spirit that lives within you so that you can find peace and rest, even in the face of all that is happening in our world.

Finding Resilience Within – Springtime Comes Even During a Pandemic