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Blog Alan Seale, Mar 30, 2020 | Soul Mission

This week I celebrate my 65th birthday. When I was young, I always thought that this would be a major milestone birthday. I suppose it is in some ways, yet I never imagined that as I turned 65, the world would be in the grip of a global pandemic. However, as days turn into weeks while sheltering at home, something is opening inside of me in a beautiful way. It’s not new, yet something is being restored. It’s a feeling of coming back to soul and what has always been at the heart of my life and work: meaning, connection, and service.

I celebrate my birthday week by bringing a message to you – an invitation to meaning and purpose, even in difficult times. An invitation to stand tall, be love, and shine your light into the world, even while confined to your home. Coming back to soul.

Thank you for being a part of the Transformational Presence community. And thank you for the gifts you share with the world. Enjoy the video.