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Blog by Alan Seale, December 29, 2021, Transformational Presence

As we leave 2021 and cross the threshold into 2022, it sometimes feels like we are walking on shaky ground. We can choose to meet each moment with eyes and hearts wide open. We can be intentional in our presence and in our choices. We can hold space for one another. We can tap into the greater Wisdom that is available to us all. And so I offer a prayer for the crossing to a New Year as we step into 2022. You will find both audio and text versions of the prayer below. May it bring you stillness, strength, courage, and assurance for the journey ahead.

Link to audio:

As we cross into a New Year,

May we be fully aware of all that is happening 
around us and within us.

May we know ourselves as Love made manifest,
living each day as Love in presence, Love in action.

May we meet one another with 
open hearts and open minds.

May we make wise choices—
as individuals, families, communities, companies, countries.

And when we don’t,
may we learn from those choices and how things turned out

So that our next choices can be informed 
by that learning. 

May we seek out and find the greater Wisdom 
that is always present within us and around us. 

May that Wisdom be our guide.