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Blog by Alan Seale, February 28, 2022, | Making a Difference

The world has been rocked in the last week by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Just as we are beginning to lift ourselves out of a two-year pandemic, another global crisis emerges. The stakes are high. There are government and political responses from all parts of the world, of course. Global service organizations are mobilizing for humanitarian aid. Yet as aware citizens of the world, how can we respond in ways that open new possibilities for our world going forward? In the video below, I offer what I hope can be a message of hope and creation for troubled times as well as an invitation for us all. 

To begin, we can hold space and offer support for the people of Ukraine. Yet I believe that we can do more. We can be intentional about how we show up in our daily lives and the choices we make. We can move beyond problem solving towards creating new ways of living together. We can make a difference not just for the people of Ukraine; we can open possibilities for people everywhere who live in difficult and disempowering circumstances. 

Simply by being conscious in our intentions and focus, we can serve a greater good. As we do our part to help create a world that works, we can enrich our own lives and the lives of others, live from a greater sense of purpose, and experience greater fulfillment. Watch the video to learn more. A Message of Hope and Creation for Troubled Times v.2.mp4 from Transformational Presence on Vimeo

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