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Blog Alan Seale, Nov 18, 2019 | Intentional Living

In the busyness of our lives and pressures of modern-day responsibilities, it is easy to lose touch with the fact that we each play a role in the shaping of our collective present and future. Yet on the last day of our recent Manifestation Wheel intensive retreat in Poland, the awakening of that awareness sparked a greater sense of purpose, urgency, passion, and commitment within the whole group. It strengthened the call within each of us to make the difference that we are here to make.

We were a group of 26 people from six countries. We gathered for four days at a cozy spa hotel in a beautiful area of Poland two hours southeast of Warsaw. Some participants had come to the workshop with specific visions, dreams, or projects that they were eager to bring to life. Others recognized that something deep inside was yearning for expression, but they couldn’t yet give it a name.

However, within our first couple of hours together, each participant found a clear sense of direction and could name their intention for the projects or visions that they wanted to manifest. The projects ranged from completing a Ph.D. dissertation, to creating programs for women in need, to healing a family relationship, to creating a new business brand, to launching a new career, to bringing more consciousness into leadership. Our journey around the Manifestation Wheel had begun.

Aligning Thoughts, Intentions, Attitude, and Action

As soon as you put a project or vision on the Manifestation Wheel and commit to the journey, the Wheel starts to work on you. Grounded in the ancient Medicine Wheel wisdom of indigenous cultures, the Manifestation Wheel expands your awareness of who you are, why you are here, and what is important to you. It helps you discover hidden potential within yourself and your vision. It supports you in aligning your thoughts, intentions, attitude, and action with the project and its deeper potential.

The Manifestation Wheel

The Manifestation Wheel
The Manifestation Wheel also invites greater understanding of how everything is interconnected – in particular, how the perspectives, attitudes, presence, choices, decisions, and actions of every person contribute to the mass consciousness of the present and the future. Who we are, how we show up, and the choices we make have impact in the collective consciousness far beyond what most of us are often aware of.

The Manifestation Wheel is made up of eight “houses” or contexts through which to view your vision or project – Intention, Peace, Energy, Guidance, Empowerment, Action, Surrender, and Legacy.

The Legacy of Presence

In our culture, we often think of legacy as the material things that people leave behind when they retire or die – a business, a house or property, financial security for heirs. However, in the Manifestation Wheel, we consider legacy not only from a material perspective. Perhaps even more importantly, we consider it from an energetic perspective. Through the ways that we live, the presence that we embody, and our choices, decisions, and actions, we send messages to the collective consciousness every day about what is OK and what is not, about what is important and what is not. The house of Legacy asks us to consider the impact of who we are and how we show up as we engage in the manifestation process.

More specifically, the house of Legacy asks: What are you modeling to others about presence, leadership, and care for a greater good by the ways you manifest your vision? What are you modeling for the people in your close circle? For society? For the generations yet to come? Through the lens of Legacy, our Manifestation Wheel retreat participants could see how every project sends messages out into the consciousness about what is important to us, what can be possible in our world, and who we can be together. It doesn’t matter if the project is to complete a dissertation, to create a service project for women, or to start a new business brand or career path.

Who You Are and How You Show Up Matters

Who you are and how you show up to each day makes a difference. What you do, the choices you make, the values you uphold, the ways you treat both those close to you as well as strangers, and how you treat this planet that is our home – it all matters. It’s all contributing to the consciousness in which we live and the consciousness that the next generation will be born into.

Music is an important part of the Manifestation Wheel retreat, ushering us from one house to the next. The Legacy music is Paul Halley’s “Ubi caritas” which you can listen to below. The piece starts with men’s voices singing Gregorian chant and ends in a glorious and uplifting world music anthem of unity and peace. As you listen, consider your own life and the contributions you are making to our collective present and future through how you live. What does this music inspire in you?