Enter the Silence; A 4-day Immersion Experience in Costa Rica with Alan Seale

4 days

Enter the Silence: Hear the Wisdom of Your Soul, Rest in the Embrace of the Earth

Life is full and fast. Many of us live in a whirlwind of responsibilities, opportunities, challenges, and relationships. We do the best we can to keep up, yet sometimes we just need a break. There is a longing deep inside for stillness and quiet, for time and space, for serenity and peace.

If you experience this longing inside, join me for four days in the beautiful tropical paradise known as Kantara. Kantara is an Arabic word meaning “bridge.” As a child, Karen Montealegre, creator of this paradise, dreamed of the word Kantara, having no idea what it meant. Yet she knew that someday she would create a place by that name.

Karen has extended an open invitation to offer Transformational Presence programs at Kantara. She is our host for this four-day immersion experience, Enter the Silence: Hear the Wisdom of Your Soul, Rest in the Embrace of the EarthAlong with the horses and donkeys of Kantara, Karen also co-facilitates a part of your experience.

The Enter the Silence immersion experience is limited to six participants in order to ensure a sense of intimacy, stillness, quiet, and reflection, with ourselves and with one another. The program is open to anyone who is ready to take a deep dive into who they are and the work they are called to bring to the world. Our time together will alternate between exercises and meditations for discovery, extended periods of intentional silence, walking the labyrinth, time with the land and the nature, and one-on-one time with me and with Karen and the horses.

Each period of intentional silence will be guided by a question, concept, discovery, or emerging insight. While I have loosely designed a structure for this program, the topics and questions that we work with will emerge from our group and personal exploration. In this way, our time together is somewhat customized for your individual journey as well as for the collective journey that unfolds for us together.